No light for a person “full of life”

When my friends describe me, they tend to call me smart, pretty, and funny. If I were to look at myself, and describe what I see, I would tell you, “I’m sad, empty, and not so pretty,” especially tonight.

I used to have a beautiful outlook on life, and my smile would never fade. I was “full of life,” and tried to make others’ days. I would wake up, pray, eat, get my coffee and leave off to school. But deep down I knew something bad was coming. Something I tried so hard to avoid. Myself.

It caught up to me, and it is here right now. The wave of depression that is drowning me, so deeply. The tears falling down my eyes slowly burning the skin on my cheeks, those who used to smile. I can barely see the surface. And here I am, asking myself if it all worth it. Trying to find the purpose of life, but, how can that be done when I cannot even, find myself.

I’m searching and searching, but my vision is fading, it’s all a blur to me now. And since perception is the foundation of happiness, I have lost all sight. I wipe the tears away, knowing a new waterfall is on its way.